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More than a lesson,
it's a great night out!

Learn to dance at our Modern Jive classes and enjoy
the social atmosphere - no experience necessary ...
and no partners required.

Modern Jive Demonstrations...

What is Modern Jive?

Watching Modern Jive, is like a fusion of Salsa, Jive and Swing, it is commonly danced to any four-beat rhythm...

...which means that the musical options are extremely diverse. In any one freestyle session, the music played may include chart songs, classics, or something with a Latin twist. The songs can range from slow to quick and lively. The basic step remains the same, allowing for the moves to be stylised to suit the music choice.

The male partner leads in Modern Jive while the lady follows; both roles require very different but complimentary skills. 'Leads' should able to think on their feet and communicate their intentions to their partner effectively. 'Follows' are asked to keep the tension and contact with their partners so that they can correctly interpret the lead... MORE

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  • What others say

    “ I used to believe that I was born with 2 left feet when it came to dancing. After 4 fun lessons, the Move Dance crew proved me wrong! I'm now hooked and dance at least once a week ... I love it!! ”

    - Helen T.
  • What others say

    “ Dancing never really appealed to me, but my wife-to-be wanted us to learn our first wedding dance. Well wouldn't you know it I can dance - and we even got a standing ovation at our wedding! Thanks guys!!! ”

    - Mark J.
  • What others say

    “ Ever since learning in March 2017, I can't get by a week without at least 3 sessions of modern jive!!! If you're nervous about learning to dance (as I was!), don't be, as it's BIG fun and easy to learn. ”

    - Eva S.

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