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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring a partner?

Partners are not required as each person is moved on during the class. This means everyone will get to dance with a partner during the class.

My partner and I want to remain together during the class, is that ok?

Yes, that's fine!

Can my partner and I dance together?

We recommend that you join in the class and move down each person, as the class progresses. However if you want to remain together, please let the instructor know at the beginning of class.

What shall I wear?

Comfy shoes and smart casual dress is recommended. Avoid shoes that may slip of or shoes with grip that may make it harder to spin/turn in, a small heal and smooth sole are recommended. Clothes that allow for free movement are preferred be aware that in summer you will want to bring an extra t shirt and deodorant.

When do I start?

We teach a new routine every class, so you can start at any time. We have taxi dancers in the class to help if you get stuck.

How are classes structured?

Classes begin with a warm up and then each move is taught, counted thru and danced to music.

Do I need any dance experience?

No dance experience at all is required! We love teaching those with two left feet. Our teachers are able to assess how the moves are being absorbed and amend the class accordingly.

What is freestyle?

Freestyle is spontaneous and no choreographed dancing. There are no set patterns or structured steps. Improvisation is the main skill behind freestyle and many people prefer this freedom to other dance styles that can be restrictive. Freestyle allows for individual expression and dancers are encouraged to create new moves and develop their own personal style.

Do you have any helpful tips for Modern Jive dancers?

  • Please walk around the edge of the dance floor, rather than across it.
  • If you are learning or practicing new moves, please do this to the side of the dance floor.
  • In crowded dance floors, keep moves spatially conservative and watch out for your neighbour.
  • Aerials & lifts are for competitions and performances only and should not be on the social dance floor.
  • No drinking and dancing.
  • Be consider of the weather, you may wish to bring an extra shirt and towel, make sure your breath is fresh and use a deodorant (please).
  • Be hydrated, wear suitable shoes and follow listen to your teachers.

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